Relationship counselling

Relationships should be a source of great comfort and happiness, where we feel loved, desired and accepted for who we are.   There can be times, however, when things go wrong in our relationships and we feel disappointment, frustration and distance.

Sometimes this is the result of having to deal with the distress of something specific, such as an affair, fertility problems, bereavement, and work or money pressures.  Other times, we lead such busy lives that it’s easy to neglect our relationship, and without meaning to, we fall into patterns of behaviour that feel stuck or destructive – such as constant bickering, ignoring each other or having blazing rows.  The person we loved more than anyone starts to feel like a stranger.

Through counselling you can work out where things have gone wrong and learn how to mend, nurture and cherish your relationship.  You can work together to develop more constructive attitudes and behaviour and find more harmonious and fulfilling ways of being together.

Every couple’s relationship is unique.  I have experience of working with clients from many different backgrounds on a wide range of issues. I work with couples in both heterosexual and same sex relationships.

Over the years I have worked with young people and families in several different capacities. The training and experience I have gained are invaluable when exploring issues related to parenting and extended families.

Relationship counselling isn’t just for couples.  Sometimes people choose to come alone to talk through their concerns.  Others may have difficulty in forging or sustaining a relationship and counselling is an opportunity to gain confidence and clarity about what they want from a relationship.

Sometimes a relationship has run its course and separation or divorce is the best or only way forward.  It can help to know that you have given things your best shot and that you can move on, valuing what was good about your relationship and understanding why it’s no longer right for you.

If there are children, it is particularly important to manage your separation with thought and care.  Parenting apart presents challenges and being able to communicate and work together for the sake of the children is vital.

I have worked with clients experiencing difficulties in areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Infidelity
  • Separation/divorce
  • Parenting
  • Intimacy
  • Family problems/in-laws/blended families
  • Ill health
  • Bereavement
  • Fertility problems
  • Cultural/background differences
  • Work/financial problems

Thank you for all your invaluable support, and especially for helping us make sense of a particularly challenging time at the moment. It is much appreciated.

Roger and Sheila

We can’t thank you enough. We couldn’t have got through this without you.

Cerys and Debra

We just wanted to say thank you for listening and helping us to see things from all angles over the past few months – it has really helped. It is also reassuring to know that support is always there should we need it in the future.

Holly and James

*All names in the testimonials have been changed.